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Weekend Recap

Hope everyone has had a relaxing weekend like I have. Sometimes, I get FOMO, and think I have to fill my weekend up with all sorts of events. It’s nice to have a relaxing weekend to get my mind right for the week.

Friday night was spent binge watching a show called “Wentworth” on Netflix. It’s pretty much the Australian version of “Orange Is The New Black”, but with all drama and no comedy. There are only 2 seasons of it on there, and we have already watched the first season. It’s one of those shows where you just have to see what happens next. If you’re looking for something to watch after you’ve finished all the Netflix staples, check it out.


Saturday: It was gorgeous outside so the urge to do something was strong. After rounds and rounds of “what do you wanna do?” between friends, we finally just decided to just have a hang out session, have a few drinks in the yard, grill, and play Cards Against Humanity.

These were some of the tasty beef fajitas prepared this weekend! Yes, faces were stuffed!

fajitas 200

I’ve been one happy girl all weekend!


Sunday: Current situation- still in pajamas (Sorry not sorry). Eventually, I’ll be a grown up today get stuff done before I watch the Grammys tonight. They kind of snuck up on me this year. There hasn’t been a ton of press about the Grammys. I know there will be some awesome collaborations and outfits though! Can’t wait to watch!

Who are most excited to see tonight?