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Brrr…It’s Cold in Here


This kind of cold and windy weather makes me crave, as Sheldon would say, hot beverages. I have yet to find a hot tea flavor I won’t drink, which makes a choosing difficult sometimes. Now, I know some types are better for your body at certain times. This handy guide will be used plenty!


Craving more of a sweet hot beverage? Well, here are some ideas to liven up your hot chocolate game. Having not tried them all, my two personal faces are the peppermint and the nutella. Hope these help keep you warm in this chilly weather!


Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring


It may technically be Spring, but the weather does not know it (some days). It takes me FOR-EV-ER to decide what to wear when the temperature outside is not warm but not cold. It’s at that awkward in between feeling where you are fanning yourself one minute and shivering the next. To help you decide what to wear on those days, listen to Nanette Lepore’s advice from the launching of The Collective at Bloomingdale’s New York. “Put on your pretty frilly dresses and work it out with the tights, and throw on the big sweater. Just start layering up into the looks that you want to eventually get into. I think you just want to start feeling , even if the weather isn’t cooperating. It’s gonna have to happen sooner or later, so you gotta just push it.” Don’t be afraid of fashion fusion! Now, bring on the warm weather so I can get ready faster!