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Make-up Deal Monday

Seeing how I was not snowed in today, I took advantage of the good weather. I went to Ulta to take advantage of their buy 2 get 2 offer on the Ulta brand makeup. I snagged some plum eyeshadow, matte shade of lipstick, light pink lip stain called Romance, and some black liquid liner.


Here is what the “Romance” lip stain looks like on lips. I like it! It gets brighter with more applications, and it was easy to use. The tip of it is like a thin marker so you sort of just draw on your lips. Simple enough!

lip stain


Bangin’ Bangs

Every once in a while, I feel like playing a grown-up version of dress-up! That means, I feel like dressing differently than I normally do or changing my hair or makeup. It’s funny how changes like that can alter how you walk or your personality. The other day, I took my clip-in bangs for a spin again. I forgot that I had them, but came across them looking for nail polish. According to my friends, it changed my look completely, which made it even more fun!


I bought the bangs at Ulta, and they are the Ken Paves brand called Hairdo! Obviously, you’ll have to match them to your own hair color. Here’s a pic of what the box looks like.

So, mix it up a bit, and go buy some bangs! You’ll enjoy it! What have you done to change up your look?