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Namast’ay in bed


I know people always say they are working from home, but I know a majority of you snowday-ers were lazy. You stayed in pajamas most of the day and cleared out your DVR and Netflix lists. No judgment here! I would do the same thing. The Northeast had a snow day today, but we had Summer time in January! While you’re cooped up, now is a good time to purge your belongings or finally start all those pinterest crafts you pinned. You could also embrace your inner child and make smores! (I vote smores!)


In all seriousness, I hope everyone is safe and following the guidelines set up for them. I do have one thing to say though: You’re in Snowmageddon, I feel bad for you son. I’ve got 99 problems, but the snow ain’t one!



Hippity Hoppity


The Easter bunny made a visit to my family, and BOY, was he/she good to us! Plenty of egg dyeing, egg hunting, and family togetherness. One of the reasons I really enjoy Easter at my parents’ house, outside of the obvious reasons for the holiday, is because my Mom does an awesome egg hunt for the adult children along with a kids hunt. The kids one is pretty much your standard egg hunt, but the adult one is kicked up a notch. She hides the eggs (with money or gift cards inside), writes poems including hints to the locations of your eggs, and then you search! The hiding spots get crazier with every passing year! Under water, in trees, under ground, and attached to an animal! It is so much fun, and I will definitely keep this tradition going when I am older!

ImageImageImageImage Shout out to Pinterest for the free Easter bunny printables! The kids, ahem, and I loved them!

Do you have any Easter traditions that are different from the norm?