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Shut up and take my money

Today, I found out about Poshmark.


Basically, it’s an online place where you can sell all the things from your closet you no longer what or use. While you’re there, you can also shop others’ items. There’s everything on there and every brand, and some of the items are new. There is a lot more to the website, but that’s the main idea. In the 12 hours I have known about it, I have already posted almost 30 items. It was liberating to purge my closet, and will probably be posting more in the next couple days. If you download their free app, it is even easier to maneuver Poshmark. It seriously takes less than 1 minute to create a post for the item you want to sell. You can create a profile which makes it easier for Poshmark to know what to show you. I have a feeling the money I make from my clothes will be spent buying others clothes, and I am so excited!


Since I am still new to Poshmark (username is carianngz), feel free to suggest awesome people to follow on there!