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Make-up Deal Monday

Seeing how I was not snowed in today, I took advantage of the good weather. I went to Ulta to take advantage of their buy 2 get 2 offer on the Ulta brand makeup. I snagged some plum eyeshadow, matte shade of lipstick, light pink lip stain called Romance, and some black liquid liner.


Here is what the “Romance” lip stain looks like on lips. I like it! It gets brighter with more applications, and it was easy to use. The tip of it is like a thin marker so you sort of just draw on your lips. Simple enough!

lip stain


Bangin’ Bangs

Every once in a while, I feel like playing a grown-up version of dress-up! That means, I feel like dressing differently than I normally do or changing my hair or makeup. It’s funny how changes like that can alter how you walk or your personality. The other day, I took my clip-in bangs for a spin again. I forgot that I had them, but came across them looking for nail polish. According to my friends, it changed my look completely, which made it even more fun!


I bought the bangs at Ulta, and they are the Ken Paves brand called Hairdo! Obviously, you’ll have to match them to your own hair color. Here’s a pic of what the box looks like.

So, mix it up a bit, and go buy some bangs! You’ll enjoy it! What have you done to change up your look?

Happenings This Weekend


The fiance and I finally got some registering done! It was really fun and like shopping, but without the stress of actually spending the money!


I also went back home for a couple days to spend some time with my family…and maybe get a few personal things done like my hair. I have been using the same colorist since middle school and am terrified to go to anyone else. So, I drive 1.5 hours to get my hair colored every couple months. I usually stick with the same “touch up my highlights” look, but decided to go a little darker for the winter. For the first time, in a long time, my hair is the same color as my eyebrows. If you are a woman, you can understand my excitement over this! While I was home, I became very close to the new kitten my parents have. He was dropped off on the street and wandered into my parents’ garage, and has stayed ever since. He is so sweet and looks much healthier than he did when he arrived. He is a bit weird, though. He has a big obsession with feet, but I am not complaining! HELLO?!…free foot massage! I will have him trained in no time at all!


We also put some delicious Vietnamese and Chinese food in our tummies before I left for the weekend. Vy’s Kitchen is amazing! I am partial to the fact that they do not put mushrooms in their hot and sour soup. I love everything else in the soup like the tofu and fungus, but I have a hard time with mushrooms. Yes, I am aware of how ridiculous that is! Besides soup, we enjoyed some spicy pho, a pork and rice dish with egg on top, and a pork vermicelli bowl. All were spectacular, especially the pho.


The main reason we went was for soup since Blake, my fiance, was feeling under the weather. After I lysoled every single thing and quarantined him, we found out he wasn’t contagious anymore and only had a virus. Phew! I had feared it was the flu. We lucked out so far! Since he was stuck in a room and had no way of communicating with me, Blake sent me this text message to solve any communication problems while he was quarantined. Wow! Every once in a while he does something really funny without trying, and those are the times he is the funniest.