Cookie Time


That’s right boys and girls! Time to kiss that resolution goodbye because girl scout cookies are officially for sale! C is for cookie and also for Cariann! Coincidence, I think not! I know the recipes are online and you don’t have to wait for this time of year anymore, but I still like the old way of making a some kids’ days by buying cookies from them.  Our household favorites happen to be Samoas, peanut putter patties, and thin mints (duh!). It’s nice to see the scouts branching out with new cookies and even a gluten free option!

If you don’t recognize the reference in the above picture, it’s from the 1989 classic “Troop Beverly Hills”. You need to watch it. No questions asked. If you did recognize the reference, good luck not having the song stuck in your head for the evening. Well, I’m off to go dance the Freddy and chant “Beverly Hills, what a thrill”!

To save you some time, here’s a link to the entire song and dance sequence: Cookie Time


2 thoughts on “Cookie Time

  1. tairaxo

    I love that movie!!!! I used to watch it all the time when I was younger. My favorite are the Samoas. I especially love to crumble them up and put them on my vanilla ice cream. OMG I want them now


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