Think then Type


After some recent events, I feel it is completely necessary to talk about the awful topic of bullying/cyber bullying. Luckily, I have not personally been attacked or harassed online. Bullying is nothing new, but technology is giving bullies and mean girls new avenues to harass people. Recently, a friend of mine who owns her own apparel company has been attacked online. It has been going on for a couple days now, and even though she is a strong woman, it has to get to her after being attacked nonstop. Not only did these people voice their opinions about the item they disliked, they voiced them on her heritage, her looks, her friends, etc. These are supposed to be “adults” who have been taught to think about how their words/actions affect others. This leads me to the scarier thought: What awful things are tweens and teens, who don’t always think things through, writing to one another? Like most people, I’ve seen of bullying in person or on some cheesy Lifetime movie. Cyber bullying is just as bad if not worse. People are braver behind a keyboard than they are in person. I would like to think someone will step in if they see bullying in person. With cyber bullying, we may not have any idea someone is being attacked unless they specifically show us. Let’s be real. If they just got done being ripped apart by their peers, do you honestly think they will have to will power and self esteem to show loved ones the awful things people are saying about them? I wish they would, but I think not. Statistics show that half of kids being cyber bullied do not report it. Why people want to be seen as a bully is beyond me. Every single movie or show growing up portrayed bullies in a horrible and ridiculous light. Pretty sure I never thought to myself “that’s the role I want in life” while watching some bully on the screen, and they never end up “winning”. We all need to respect feelings. They may not mean anything to you, but they could mean everything to someone else. Being mean behind a computer is still just being mean. In a world with so many bad things in it, why do people want to contribute to the negative side of life. We should be embracing and celebrating each others’ differences, not singling them out. Life can be hard for everyone, so we need to lift people up instead of cutting them down. One person has the ability to change a life, be someone that changes for the better! Let’s all take a lesson from our parents to heart: If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. That’s an oldie but a goodie! It’s time to stop bullying and start a revolution!


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