Less Mean More Lean in 2015!

Welcome to 2015! We made it! Wooooo! Now, I don’t really do “resolutions”, but I am all about always trying to better myself. Like every other person, I am totally down to say “Bye, Felicia” to a couple pounds. One of my main goal is to be kinder and more patient with others and even myself. It’s hard to convince yourself sometimes that you do not have to have everything figured out. I forget that I am constantly growing and changing, and so are my wants and needs. This grown-up stuff is for the birds, but I can’t run away forever! The world is always changing, but one of the changes I am most grateful for is the idea that we have to know what we will do with our lives and control every little thing that happens to us. That attitude is pretty much non-existent, which makes life so much easier for people like me (you know, the free-spirited, indecisive types). So, when you feel like you have no clue what is going on your life or no control of your future, just remember you are not alone! Everybody feels like that at one point or another. Finding yourself is a never ending game of hide and seek. Enjoy the search!
new year compnew year 3


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