90% of my bad decisions are food related…

I am a weird Southerner. This cold weather usually makes people from the South crave chili and chicken soup. Not this weirdo and world eater. The past couple weeks, all I’ve wanted to fill my belly with is Asian food. You name it, I’ve craved it. Pho, orange beef, pad thai, vermicelli bowls, banh mi, sushi, katsu pork, bulgogi etc… Don’t get me wrong, I crave Asian food at least once on a weekly basis, but this is getting out of hand. Even when I eat one of those items, I still can’t “pho-get about it” Ha! See what I did there? I guess it could be worse. I could be craving something extravagant or out of season. First world problems are the pits! Hope you are bundled up and enjoying your favorite cold weather food. As for me, I’ll just be trying to control my drooling while daydreaming of my favorite Asian dishes. Have a case of dry mouth? Feast your eyes on the following pics to solve that problem. And yes, I see what I did there using the word “feast”!
bulgogiorange beef


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