Pucker Up

Today just so happens to be National Lipstick Day! I thought my love of lipstick could not get stronger than it was as a child playing with grown-up makeup, but I was wrong! There are endless colors these days, and I absolutely love that any color is socially acceptable now! Don’t be afraid to be bold with your pout! Lipstick can affect how you feel just as much as other beauty supplies. Boost your morale and put some color on that pucker of yours! My current favs include Rimmel Moisture Renew Coral Spark, Revlon Matte Really Red, and Stila Fiore. Stila is a little pricier, stays on literally the whole day, and yes, I really mean literally.

Wanna read some pretty neat facts about lipstick? Here are 9 provided by Huffington Post. Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Pucker Up

  1. Arielle

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