Invitations sent….can’t back out now!


The time has finally come! We sent out our wedding invitations! After months of searching the internet for the right invitation, I found the perfect one on Invitations by Dawn. I wanted something simple yet eye-catching. Of course, I found some amazing ones, but I didn’t want the invites to outshine everything else. With my colors being seafoam, white, and peach, it also made it difficult to find invites with the exact colors. That is why I opted for a white one. The sparkle on the front is perfect and compliments all the chandelier pieces we are using in the decorations. Invitations by Dawn has a very thorough ordering process, making sure they cover every detail. They even emailed me regarding major details just to make sure everything would be perfect! As a bride, you come to appreciate people who are as detail-oriented as you are for this event. They had tons of fonts to choose from and verses galore. Pretty much everything is customizable, and they respond quickly to any inquiries. I must say one of my favorite add-ons was the option to have them address all the envelopes for you! Talk about a time/muscle saver! They shipped quickly, and all that was left to do was stuff the envelopes, stamp them, and mail. I would use them again for any event that needed bulk invitations or invitations that I couldn’t create on my own computer. If you have time, peruse their website!


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