Bridal Portraits

Yesterday, I got to take my bridal portraits! A much bigger deal to me than to any of you, but I was still really excited! Well, I was excited until about 2 hours before when I was getting ready. That was when the pressure hit. It seemed like every move I did on my makeup had to be so precise or the pictures would be ruined. I finally had to tell myself, “Um, Cariann, you do your makeup every single day. Stop being a drama queen”! Once we got to Chateau Cocomar, The stress just went away, and I was pumped to take the pictures. I like to think I’m pretty photogenic, so the task of posing seemed pretty stress-free to me. My photographer was fun, and helped my parents and me feel at ease. I liked that he gave me directions instead of just letting me sit there making random faces. He looked at the pictures I brought for ideas and showed me his so we could be on the same page. Luckily, we had similar tastes! My favorite phrase from the photographer had to be, “Show me your ‘I’m the shit’ face”. We booked the place for an hour, but ended up staying 1.5 hours. They didn’t charge us for going over, but I never realized how fast the time would pass. The chateau had so many beautiful photo locations, which made it so difficult to narrow down. I can’t wait to see my photos, and won’t be posting any of them on here until after the wedding! Sorry, but you will have to wait just like everyone else!




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