The Stuff-Your-Face Show

The past week or so has been crazy with Valentines Day and a food show my fiance and I attended! It seriously was a show/expo of all the vendors Ben E. Keith uses to provide food to restaurants, food trucks, hospitals, etc. We were there to look at various foods for the restaurant and the our food truck! If you’re like me, and try to watch what you eat, you save your cheat days for the really good stuff. Boy, did I save my cheat day for the right day! To start, Ben E. Keith payed for our hotel room. The evening we arrived, they hosted a meet and greet with open bar and passed h’ordeurves. Being someone that doean’t particularly love lamb, the lamb lollipops were fantastic! The vodka tonic chaser didn’t hurt either! After the soiree, everyone that wanted to went to an after-party in the hotel lobby. Of course, all drinks were charged to the room, for which BEK was paying!  SCORE! I like a good bargain, but I LOVE getting free stuff!  Then, the whole next day was spent trying various foods like duck, quail, and veal, along with every fried food and dessert imaginable! It was nice spending the day stuffing our faces! I convinced myself that walking around the convention center multiple times worked off some of those treats. What’s your favorite cheat day treat?








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