ImageJust say it! You aren’t surprised there are endless issues with the Sochi Olympics. I’m not. I still don’t know why the games would be held there. Let’s face it. The Winter games are the ugly stepchild to the Summer Olympics, but the committee seriously dropped the ball on this one. I want to know who the person was in the meeting of the olympic minds that stood up and said, “Sochi.” Were the only other suggestions Yemen or Libya? Must have been because that’s the only reason I can come up with that made Sochi seem like a brilliant idea. Were no other slums in a country of political unrest and terrorist threats available at this time? If I worked hard like those athletes and got sent to Sochi, I would be like, “I’ve spent my life training to be the best athlete and I get hit with this shit?!” Let’s not forget the journalists who are dealing with the conditions as well. If you’re like me, you’ve been obsessed with the trending #SochiProblems tweets. I can’t stop reading them. They are both hilarious and disgusting. I know Russia has said they’ve spent the better part of 7 years preparing for these games, but I can’t help but think that the person that was in charge of this project was the “Milton” of the office. (Kudos if you got that office space reference) Nobody really knew what he did, and he, along with the games) got shuffled around floor to floor to the point of nobody knowing where to find him. It’s like a month before, they had an “oh shit” moment and decided to buckle down on the Olympic games plan. The slogan for the games is “Hot. Cool. Yours.” meaning the weather is cold, but the hospitality is warm. Ummm, couple problems with this slogan. 1. It wasn’t cold enough in Russia. They’re making snow. I know we all think it’s freezing there all the time because, well, it’s Russia. Turns out it isn’t. 2. Warm hospitality? More like no hospitality. Most of the “hotels” don’t even have lobbies. You know, the things that provide hospitality. 3. Yours? Isn’t Russia communist?! So, nothing is yours. I am already obsessed with these disaster Olympics, and will be tuning in tonight for the Opening! If you’re curious about the concerns there or want to read the hilarious tweets, here are some of my favorites I’ve read lately.



Anyone else completely obsessed with the #SochiProblems tweets?


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