We’re all homos…homo sapiens


I want to talk about Macklemore’s touching performance at the Grammys. I cried like a baby.

ImageAs a supporter of gay rights and everyone’s rights, it made me really happy to see couples of every size, color, gender, whatever getting married. What a celebration of LOVE. Love is a human experience. Everyone should get to celebrate it. I’ve read and heard some people saying he shouldn’t have used that as a platform to push gay rights on the public. My response to that is he was performing his song, which was a top song of the year. The performance was pretty much the literal meaning of the song. It’s not like the song and performance were not related. Also, he was celebrating all kinds of marriages. Stop trying to rain on people’s parades, and just be happy the world has love in it!


What was your favorite part of the Grammys?


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