Valentine’s Day for the Single Person


Let me start this by saying, “WHO CARES!?”. Who cares if you are single during Valentine’s Day. You don’t need to explain or justify why you’re single. There’s nothing wrong with it. Everyone walks their own path. Just be you and celebrate the day if you want. Embrace your independence. Choose to look at this day like it is less stressful for you. You don’t have to worry with a gift. Try not to get irritated with those who are openly sharing the love, unless they are trying to pity you for your singledom. If that happens, feel free to unleash the fury. Here are some ideas for the single person celebrating or not celebrating Valentine’s Day.

1. Go out with a group. It could be a mix of single friends and couples or strictly singles. You could do dinner or host a dinner party. A movie is hard to do as a group, but if you can all agree on a movie, go for it.

2. Treat yourself. Get some candy or chocolate you love. Get a massage or a pedicure. Do something YOU love. Who cares what anyone else is doing.

3. Enjoy a night in. Most of us are always on the go, so a night in could be a real treat. For once, there’s no pressure on you to come out. Stay in and relax. Have a glass of wine or bourbon and watch that crappy movie you love that you’re ashamed to tell anyone else about.

4. Get physical: Interpret that how you want, but I mean go for a run or a hike. Try yoga for the first time. Focus on you and that resolution you still haven’t dedicated yourself to.

5. Go out. Whether you’re alone or with friends, get out and have some fun. Go to a local dive bar or a karaoke club. Somewhere that is a people watching mecca. There are usually plenty of bars throwing Anti-Valentine’s Day parties. If that’s the attitude you have towards it, then go to one of those places.

6. Show love to your family. Get some little gifts for your nieces or nephews and make their day. Depending on how close you are as a family, you could use this as an opportunity to spend more time with them. If you aren’t planning on doing anything and want to help, you could offer to babysit/corrupt the younger generation. That family member will appreciate it big time!

This day isn’t meant to single people out. It’s about love despite how commercial it may be. Don’t feel alienated. You are perfectly fine with being single every other day, so don’t let other people’s love get to you. Just embrace who you are and enjoy the day no matter what.



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