Ideas for Valentine’s Day: For Him


Similar to my post “For Her”, if your significant other wants to celebrate V-day, then celebrate it! Who cares about the reasoning. It’s a day to show some love, and the world could use more love. Here are a few ideas for the man in your life.

1. Old stand by: heartfelt card (just be careful of what you write in there if you just started seeing each other)

2. As we all know, men love when someone cooks for them. Cook him his favorite meal or if you are domestically challenged, eat at/order from his favorite restaurant

3. Go with him (without complaining) to do something he enjoys: a ballgame, a concert, golfing, or whatever tickles his fancy.

4. Go to the movies and sit through that action film you know he wants to see or watch one in the courtesy of your own home.

5. They work hard too so show him some love with a back massage or a foot rub.

6. Depending on the length of time you’ve been together, give him a picture of you or both of you for his desk.

7. If he is like most guys, he doesn’t like to have a bunch of stuff in his pockets when he is out and about. Get him a phone case that doubles as a wallet. Plus, I bet you can fit your ID or credit card in there too! Double win!! This one in the link is $40.

8. If he has a hobby, buy a book for him to get him more excited about it.

9. Purchase something from his favorite sports team or from memorabilia he may already have.

Even though they act tough, guys still like to be shown attention and love. Let him know he is your valentine, just don’t overdo it if the relationship just started.


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