Ideas for Valentine’s Day: For Her


Valentine’s Day is approaching! I know there are mixed emotions about this day. Regardless of how you feel, if you are dating someone who enjoys the symbolism of this day, you need to acknowledge it. You do not have spend a fortune to show some love. Here are a few ideas for the special girl in your life!

1. pick an activity she really enjoys (one in which you don’t usually choose to participate) like the aquarium, go see a musical, go hiking together, or shopping at the local flea market.

2. Go on a date. Sometimes, time is the most thoughtful gift. Go see a movie, a ballgame, or go bowling.

3. Take a cooking class together. You get to do it together, and you can take credit for cooking her dinner. It’s win/win!

4. If you don’t want to leave the house, you can do a movie night or cook dinner for her. You could turn the house into a “spa” by giving massages.

5. If you want to give more of a physical gift: There’s always the obvious jewelry, flowers, or chocolate. If you want to think outside the box, you could get a favorite love quote of hers framed to hang in the home. She will eat that up!! If there’s a certain color she loves, buy her a little clutch in that color. 

6: If she has a new hobby, buy a book to help her get more into it.

7. A gift she will love: order a photo book from Shutterfly with pictures of you two. If you need pics, you can always use ones you have posted on social media. It’s super thoughtful and shows your commitment, which SHE. WILL. LOVE.

Don’t overthink it. Just give something that shows you’ve listened to her and are interested in getting to know her more. The thought behind a gift speaks volumes.


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