Tips for future maids of honor

wpid-IMG_20140112_103210.jpg wpid-IMG_20140112_103436.jpg wpid-1389576275236.jpg

My maid of honor did an amazing job on my Bachelorette party! I loved her as a friend before, but now I appreciate her even more. She really made the weekend feel like it was all about me! Selfish, I know, but it felt really nice. She was made plans and was organized. We went out, we shopped, made me different bach accessories for each night, got foot rubs, took a brunch river boat, ate amazing food, visited the site of American Horror Story, got a voodoo candle with enchanted charms in it, had a great bridal shower, and had a fantastic time the whole weekend. In comparison to the boys, our weekend seemed so much better and more about the occasion. Theirs just seemed like a weekend of drinking on bourbon street. Even my fiance was jealous of my maid of honor and how special she made the hen party! My advice to others would be to make the bride to be feel special and like the party is truly all about her. Pick activities she would enjoy, not just things you like. Make detailed itineraries if you can. It makes it easier with a big group, and gives people less opportunity to come up with rogue plans. This post is to thank my MOH, Kali, for all the time, money, and effort she put into making the bachelorette party amazing. Everyone should have a friend like her, and I can’t wait to celebrate with her at the wedding. Have you ever been to a really great bachelorette or bachelor party? What made it special?


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