Back to reality


I made it back from NOLA! I know i took a week off from blogging, but I needed some time recoup from those sleepless nights. Everything went pretty well while we were gone for 4 days! I posted a few of the tamer pics above. The groups stayed separate for the most part and would join each other around 1am every night to continue the fun. For any joint bach party haters: you are wrong. I really think it is better to do it this way for the reasons I stated in my previous post. It makes it less stressful to say the least. Everyone had a blast and the Bourbon Street virgins in the group were totally blown away. Of course, there plenty of other bach parties celebrating, but you really don’t notice with the sensory overload that is happening around you. Now, to review the train ride getting there. I will recommend taking the Amtrak to NOLA to anyone. Sure, it takes longer than flying, but it is so much fun and better than a plane. You can walk around, eat your own food, and drink without it costing a fortune. They frown upon you bringing alcohol, but we just made mixtures in soda bottles and drank what we wanted. The employees didn’t really care as long as we weren’t disturbing anyone. We played card games and dominoes to pass the time, and it flew by! The interesting people you can meet on a train keep it entertaining too. If you are more of a napper, the coach seats are all you need. They are big seats that recline and have a foot kickout. You can splurge on a sleeper, but it isn’t necessary. The food on the train leaves plenty to be desired. I played it safe and ate a salad, but the bites I had of others’plates were just okay. Don’t get your hopes up. It’s still a great experience and something to add to your bucket list.


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