Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties


bach·e·lor par·ty
noun: bachelor party; plural noun: bachelor parties; noun: bachelorette party; plural noun: bachelorette parties
1. a party given for a man (or woman) who is about to get married, typically attended by men (or women) only.

This Friday marks the beginning of our joint bachelor/bachelorette parties. We decided to join the two parties since a lot of our wedding party and friends are people we met while we have been dating. It made sense to us to combine it into one mega party! The destination of choice?–New Orleans, or ‘nawlins, rather. We have both been before so we know what to expect, but I am pretty pumped for the people in our group who have never been. It isn’t really something you can easily explain to someone who hasn’t experienced it themselves. We intend to make a weekend of it. I’m sure some people are bachelor party purists and believe the parties should be separate and should be treated as a last night of freedom. These are the same people who are perpetual bachelors and intend on carrying the single man flag forever for his entire group of friends. I like the modern turn bachelor/bachelorette parties have taken. I never really understood the whole “last night of freedom” slogan. First off, if you’re committed to someone, you already are not really supposed to be doing whatever you want without any regard for your significant other. Things that happen before you sign your marriage license do not suddenly go away or become insignificant. Secondly, if a piece of paper saying you’re married changes the entire course of your relationship making it so that you have absolutely no freedom, you should really rethink some things. Technology and the evolution of how relationships happen have morphed bachelor parties as well. Nothing is secret anymore. The skeletons come out of the closet sooner and many couples live together before marriage. You have the opportunity to really get to know your significant other before marriage. The openness of society has changed these parties too. In the older days, strippers and nudity were taboo, making it a “scandalous treat” for bachelor parties. Now, nudity is everywhere and most people have a friend or a friend of a friend who worked as a “dancer” for some reason and they are not ashamed of it. It is not a rarity or nearly as scandalous. I think it becomes less attractive to the bachelor party scene now that it isn’t coupled with shock and awe. These parties now seem like they are more about having an awesome time with friends regardless of the activities. Like many other couples, our friends are all intertwined, making it better to combine the bachelor fun. True to bachelor/bachelorette party form, there will some gender separation. On Saturday, the parties will separate to do some traditional party stuff. I think this is a smart way to handle bachelor parties in the new age. Everyone gets to have fun and have their respective parties, but there isn’t any need to worry or freak out if you can’t get ahold of someone. It makes the entire thing less stressful. These are my thoughts now, before the debauchery. We shall see if they change after the parties unfold! I will keep you posted! Do you think it’s better to combine the parties or should the parties stay traditional?


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