Happenings from the weekend


We made a quick trip to the beach house this weekend! I know it’s Winter, but it was just to get out of town for a couple days. The trip turned into fishing and searching for sea glass. Unfortunately for all of us, nothing we caught was considered a “keeper”…womp womp. I have to say it is astonishing to see all of the junk that ends up on a beach. Besides, sea creatures, seaweed, sea foam, and seashells, there were all kinds of hygiene products and various items all along the beach. The best thing I found was a dollar, and YES, I spent it all in one place! Of course with every trip home, I stopped by my parents’ house. There was a surprise wedding gift waiting for me. Woohoo! It was the silverware in which we registered. Slowly, but surely, we could almost be functional with all the gifts we have received so far! It really makes me realize what great friends and family we have. I have been in/attended weddings before and never really thought about how much was spent to be a part of that day for someone. Oddly enough, it’s when I don’t have to pay for anything, that I notice how expensive it really is to be a friend. Girls definitely have it worse, though. You can rent a tux much cheaper than buying a bridesmaid dress. It just seems to add up so quickly between dresses, shoes, showers, hair, makeup, gifts, bachelorette party stuff, etc. I almost feel the need to apologize every time they have to purchase something. I know it’s not that big of a deal since I would do the same for them, but I hope they know that I do realize how stressful it is on the purse strings. I’ve convinced myself that it helps that I am getting married in my mid-late twenties instead of while I am in college or freshly out. That means my friends also have steady and extra income for stuff like this instead of trying to pay for all of this with a part-time college job or an unpaid internship. It’s so selfless of me to wait like that for them! Ha! Just kidding! The most I think I have paid to be a part of someone’s day is probably around $500. I know that is the low end of the spectrum, but I am pretty thrifty. What’s the most you’ve had to fork over for someone else’s wedding and were you happy to do so?


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