Hope you all had a wonderfully glamorous or delightfully ratchet (whichever you’re into) evening ringing in the new year! I know you’re just sitting on the edge of your seat wondering about my hat. Well, it was a hit! Party hat craft wizard right here! Here’s hoping I can manage to save it for next year or that someone has a black and gold party. I find myself already wanting to mentally make plans for next year. Not detailed outlines, but more of a decision about throwing a party, makng a getaway out of it, or just going out. The past 2 years, we have thrown parties, and they were blasts. People were let down we didn’t throw one this year, but it’s easy to just attend a party. Being a host is not, despite every pinterest pin titled “Easy Party Hosting Tips”. As much fun as it is, we are saving for our honeymoon, so it just dodn’t seem worth it in the grand scheme of things. Just to be clear, this is the ranking system as of lately: 1. Honeymoon 2. Friends. It is what it is! Going somewhere to celebrate seems fun, but then I think about how crowded it will be everywhere I go. Nope. Won’t do it. I don’t want other people’s sweat on me and I don’t want to be stuck somewhere where the drinks are overpriced or somewhere I’d be better off just peeing my pants. Ah, decisions, decisions! Good thing I’ve got a good smount of time to marinade on this.
Enjoy your fresh start with a new year! What resolution did you make? Did you travel anywhere to celebrate?


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