American Hustle

After watching the shit-show that was Anchorman 2, I got to see American Hustle. This was a movie worth seeing. You need to go see it….like now! Everyone’s role was necessary and the actors nailed it. I can’t pick a favorite. Trust me, I’ve tried, but then I catch myself thinking, “Well, what about that one scene, though?”. Be aware that the movie is 2.5 hours long. I was surprised to see that it was as funny as it was. I really like that the comedy didn’t apply to just one character, which happens with a lot of movies. There will be this one neighbor or friend that’s a real character or quick witted. Not in this movie. Everyone got the chance to be funny…and they were! Christian Bale transformed for this movie and nailed the accent. I catch myself cringing at fake NY accents most of the time, but not this time. Christian’s the poo, so take a big whiff. A must-see for the holiday season!


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