Gifts from the Heart


Cheesy Post Alert! (Beep Beep Beep) Cheesy Post Alert!: This time of year can really take a toll on bank accounts (or boxes of crumpled up dollar bills hidden under your bed) depending on how organized you are. People start to think you have to spend a ton of money on gifts to really make them stand out. That is just not true. Luckily, the art of making gifts has come back in style. With the help of sites like pinterest, you can pretty much anything for anyone. Unless you are just flush with cash and have diamonds running out of everything like so–

Image then spending a fortune on each gift really adds up, especially when you have blended families that seem like the family tree extends to infinity. Making something personal or buying something small that reminds you of that person can be a better present than an expensive gift, sometimes, since they are more from the heart. As cliche as it may be, the thought really is what counts most of the time. If they don’t appreciate the time and effort you put in, that is a reflection of them, and not anything to feel bad about. I even made a few gifts this year. One was vodka infused with cranberries and lime. I already had vodka and sugar, so the only ingredients I had to buy were 3 limes ($1/piece) and cranberries (less than $3 for 2 bags). Step1. Pour vodka into other container temporarily. Step 2. Poke a hole into each cranberry in bag 1. Step 3. Fill vodka bottle 1/3 way full with cranberries. Step 4. Peel limes and put rinds into the bottle. Step 5. Fill the rest of the bottle with cranberries. Open the second bag if necessary. Step 6. Put 2 tablespoons of sugar or substitute into the bottle. Step 7. Pour vodka back into the bottle. Step 8: Shake. The longer this mixture sits, the sweeter it will get. Here is the pinterest picture and then my picture:


For a foodie in the group, I made them Bacon Salt. SO. EASY. All you need is a jar, 1 pound bacon, sea salt, and pepper. I cooked the bacon to crispiness and then let it cool a little. Then, I put it into a food processor with sea salt and pepper (amount varies to your liking). I let it grind down until it was the size I wanted. Added bonus: your house will smell like bacon! Here is the finished product:


I am so proud of these 2 gifts since I made them! I can’t wait to give them. So, bake away, craft away, write away and give something from the heart!


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