2013 Holiday Gift Guides


Here’s a little holiday gift guide to help you this holiday season! Hopefully, the recipients will not want to exchange them. If you’re anything like me, you like to try to personalize the gifts. I only resort to generic gifts when I am truly at a loss or do not know someone well enough. If you are short on time, there are always gift cards to various stores, restaurants, movie theaters, etc. 

For a sweets lover: You can give them a box of their favorite sweet or bake something from scratch. If you aren’t really a baker, The Sweet Boutique has amazing cupcakes, cake pops, and macarons. My personal favorite is the almond macaron. They sell them for $18/dozen.


For the wannabe chef with a full time job: There are companies all over that offer to come up with a week’s worth of meals, measure everything out and get all of the ingredients, and then drop it off at your door. You only have to cook it, which saves a bunch of time. You can customize the meals too! My favorite for this is a company called Plated and the prices vary depending on the ingredients and length of services.  http://www.plated.com/

For the home brewer or craft beer lover: If you want to give a gift that keeps giving, you can buy them a membership to a beer of the month club. Those are usually more expensive, but are fun. Home brewing has swept the nation and we all know someone interested in it or already doing it. There are tons of gift sets for these people available. One that I like is offered on http://scoutmob.com/  . It includes various foods infused with craft beer for $54.

For the tech lover: In this age, we are obsessed with technology and something new is always coming out. The amount of gadgets available is endless, but here are few easy suggestions. An ipad sleeve or carrying case (or one for kindle or nook), a fun flash drive depending on the kind of stuff the person likes. Perhaps you know someone who never sets their phone down–how about a phone holder/stand or maybe a battery stick so they can recharge their phone on the go. I already bought myself one of these and it’s worth it! There are some really neat amplifiers and speakers available for ipads now too. Outside of the normal tech stores, Urban Outfitters has some fun gadgets!

For the wanderluster: We all get bit by the travel bug, some of us more than others. You could get them a little bag for toiletries that could fit in a carry-on or maybe some custom luggage tags from Dormify for $18. Anything that helps with the flight like a neck pillow, nice headphones, or a sleeping mask would be appreciated. You could even buy a fun album for them to display their travel pics.


For the entertainer: Wine seems like the obvious answer, but it you want to do something a little different, you could give them decorative wine corkers or some fun party napkins. You could also get a set of party silverware or a frame. They could put a picture from one of their parties in it.


For the foodie: Look up the newest restaurants on yelp in your area and take them to one! That’s the whole point of being a foodie–trying new places and foods! If you don’t want to commit to that, you could buy them stuff from the store that seems like a neat fusion of ingredients like pesto peanuts or apple pie moonshine. The possibilities are endless with food!


Obviously, this guide doesn’t even come close to all the different kinds of people, but I just thought it could be helpful if you were suffering from gift block. If you have any cool ideas for gifts, send them to me! I would love to hear about them.






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