Happenings from the weekend


As soon as I got to my parents’ house, I was greeted with our first wedding gift from one of our registries. Excited was an understatement! Not only was it a gift, but it was one of my favorite ones for which we registered. We received the Waterford champagne flutes! YES!! I know a wedding is about much more than presents, but presents are pretty great! Image

My mom and I like to consider ourselves “Black Friday professionals”. To uphold that self-proclaimed title, we got in line super early for the deals. Since all of our main stops were opening at the same time, we had to choose where we planned to get the most loot. Kohls won that battle. We got our game plan together and camped out in front of Kohls. We were at the front of the line! We have never been first before so we were pretty stoked.


Of course, I had to pass the hours of waiting with at least one selfie! Image

Right before the doors opened, the police came by to make sure everything was under control. While he was there, he took a couple pics and uploaded them to their Facebook page. I guess that means we were a tame crowd since he felt comfortable enough to take pictures.Image

We got everything on our lists, but this dog has to be one of the strangest “gifts”. It wasn’t on our lists, and it stayed that way. I understand wanting to teach kids responsibility, but the fact that you can hear it go potty is a bit odd. Not to mention, the complimentary turd they threw into the box! This gave us a good laugh once we were deep into delirium from lack of sleep. ImageImageImage

We recouped at my parents’ house the next day by doing some yard work and tending to their gardens. Since I have been on this wedding diet, my interest in kale has gone up. To help with that, my parents planted some in one of their garden beds. Very much appreciated! This was also their first year planting potatoes so we were shocked when they had a bunch that actually grew and were able to be dug up. My parents have so many fruits and veggies in their gardens! Some days, I’m jealous of how nice it must be to just go pick out ingredients for meals. Then, the days when they actually have to do work with the gardens or worry about freezes, that feeling quickly goes away!


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