Thanksgiving & Black Friday




Caution: I am going to anger the Thanksgiving purists with this post! I am one of those people that celebrates Thanksgiving and then quickly gets in line to trample people for sale items. Insert “GASP!” here. I know. I know, but it is a bonding experience for my mother and me. We are very competitive and really enjoy that aspect of Black Friday. It’s fun to see if you can actually accomplish all that you wanted. I am not a camping kind of girl, but like camping in line for the sales. Maybe it’s because I’ve convinced myself that I am getting a prize/prizes at the end. We “camp” the right, though! We bring lawn chairs, blankets, drinks, food, entertainment, and plenty of hot hands warmers to last the night. While we wait, we go over the circulars one more time and make sure we know what items we are supposed to get. We use to get all of our info.


Finally some beanie weather

Don’t get me wrong, I am already very grateful for all that I already have, but I just really enjoy all the Black Friday hullabaloo! I love Thanksgiving as well since it is a time where our family comes together to give thanks and the food is out of this world. Unfortunately, I am in the middle of my wedding diet, so I can’t partake in the holiday goodness. I will just creepily watch people eat the goodies, and I will have to just live through them. I pretty much like every kind of Thanksgiving food, but the treats and all of the different mashed potato and sweet potato recipes are a close second and third. What are some of your holiday favorites?


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