More Wedding Planning


That wedding checklist is getting shorter every day! Finally got the guest list finalized and sent out most of the save-the-dates! We decided to send out photo magnets ordered through Vistaprint. It wasn’t as easy as I had hoped, though. The first order came in the mail quickly, but they cut off part of my fiance’s head. Call me picky, but I decided that was not good enough! I called Vistaprint to get a reorder, and was surprised at how easy with which they were to work. I explained the problem, and they promptly told me they would redo them at no charge. I received the new/perfect order 3 days later. I plan on using them in the future despite the mistake because of how respectfully it was handled. Everyone makes mistakes, but how you handle it really shows your colors!



We also picked a boutique and flavors for our macarons! After doing some quality testing at a few establishments, we decided to go with The Sweet Boutique. The macarons were so moist yet crumbly. I know a lot of you probably despise the word moist, but it was the best word to use. The Sweet Boutique was also the only boutique we spoke with that said they would tailor the macarons to my colors and seemed excited to do it. The others had an attitude and seemed put out by me just asking if it was even an option. After happily sampling, the flavors that were chosen were almond and vanilla. I know, pretty plain flavors, but I wanted one of the flavors to be vanilla since everyone likes vanilla and less likely to cause an allergic reaction. I’m still trying to be a thoughtful bride…we shall see how long that continues! I don’t want guests to be scared to try something because it is an unfamiliar flavor. While I was there sampling, the bakers gave me some good advice. Usually when I receive unsolicited advice about the wedding, my eyes inadvertently start rolling, but this was different. They simply reminded me that you cannot please everyone, and we need to choose things that we like regardless of what 200 other may like. It was exactly what I needed to hear and helped me with my indecisiveness. Vanilla is also an easy one to tailor if I choose. The almond flavor is by far my favorite! It tastes so similar to the almond cannoli served at D’amico’s Italian Restaurant. So deliciously addictive. There is a hint of cherry in there, but not overwhelming. I love every single thing about this flavor, even the almond slices served on top. We are using the macarons as part of the candy bar display to add a little more variety. I may be partial because I chose them or because I have been dieting, but these macarons were out of this world. i would willingly give up a day of meals to just eat these all day without regretting it later! If you have a sweet craving, I suggest you check out The Sweet Boutique!


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