Christmas Came Early


As most people know, I am an Aggie, and a lot of my family also went to Texas A&M. The football team recently played their last home game of the season. Kyle Field is now getting renovated to become bigger and better, so they have dug up the grass that has been on the field since 2005. The end of an era! I am always trying to figure out what to get my Dad as gifts, and I jumped at this opportunity to get a neat gift for him. My parents attended A&M and have had season tickets in the past. They watch the games every weekend in their outdoor kitchen. I purchased only an individual square for their yard, which came with a certificate of authenticity. I didn’t expect that, and now realize it is pretty cool to know all about the grass and when it was used. Even though football is a team sport, it will awesome to have a piece of grass on which Johnny Manziel played! The Aggies have always been a part of our home, but now they will be even more so! I can’t wait to see his reaction.


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