Pucker Up

Today just so happens to be National Lipstick Day! I thought my love of lipstick could not get stronger than it was as a child playing with grown-up makeup, but I was wrong! There are endless colors these days, and I absolutely love that any color is socially acceptable now! Don’t be afraid to be bold with your pout! Lipstick can affect how you feel just as much as other beauty supplies. Boost your morale and put some color on that pucker of yours! My current favs include Rimmel Moisture Renew Coral Spark, Revlon Matte Really Red, and Stila Fiore. Stila is a little pricier, stays on literally the whole day, and yes, I really mean literally.

Wanna read some pretty neat facts about lipstick? Here are 9 provided by Huffington Post. Enjoy!


Homemade Fig Newtons


These household favorites can easily be made at home! I happen to live fig newtons so these do not always last LNG at my house. They require only 5 ingredients, are gluten free, no bake, paleo, and vegan!

The 5 ingredients
1. Dried figs (3 cups) I used fresh figs and dehydrated them.
2. 1/4 cup of flax seed meal (available at any grocery store)
3. 1/2 tsp of salt
4. 1 tbsp of pure vanilla extract
5. 1 cup of walnut or pecan halves

This makes about 12-20 balls depending on the size.

1. Place all ingredients in a food processor and pulse until finely chopped.
2. Scoop the ingredients out with your hands or a spoon. Form the mixture into balls using your hands. The heat from your hands will release the natural oils from the nuts, helping to bind the ingredients together.
3. Enjoy at room temp or they can be refrigerated.

The End of Summer

The end of Summer is quickly approaching. You have a few more weeks to get in some last minute Summer activities. If you’re looking for some ideas to keep yourself entertained for the remaining weeks, here are some of my favorite ones!







So, live it up and enjoy the rest of your Summer!

April showers bring May flowers


As an adult, I have started to really enjoy flowers. For years, I didn’t get why people wanted flowers and didn’t really care for the smell. Now, though, I like having something pretty to look at or that fresh smell of flowers. I’m not quite the enthusiast where I can tell you what types grow at certain times of the year or even what my favorite flowers are, but I enjoy them none the less! Bring on the beautiful flowers!

wow.Flower crowns and romping in fields...ImageImageImageImageImageImage

What is your favorite flower?

Mean Girls Anniversary….So FETCH!


10 Years! Do you feel old yet?…I DO! I still love this movie as much as I did the first time I saw it! Tina Fey is a comedic genius (and so FETCH!), and this film will forever make me giggle! It is one of my most quote-able movies. If you need me, I’ll be on the couch wearing pink while watching Mean Girls on TV!

! ImageImageImageImageImageImage

Hippity Hoppity


The Easter bunny made a visit to my family, and BOY, was he/she good to us! Plenty of egg dyeing, egg hunting, and family togetherness. One of the reasons I really enjoy Easter at my parents’ house, outside of the obvious reasons for the holiday, is because my Mom does an awesome egg hunt for the adult children along with a kids hunt. The kids one is pretty much your standard egg hunt, but the adult one is kicked up a notch. She hides the eggs (with money or gift cards inside), writes poems including hints to the locations of your eggs, and then you search! The hiding spots get crazier with every passing year! Under water, in trees, under ground, and attached to an animal! It is so much fun, and I will definitely keep this tradition going when I am older!

ImageImageImageImage Shout out to Pinterest for the free Easter bunny printables! The kids, ahem, and I loved them!

Do you have any Easter traditions that are different from the norm?