One of a Kind Wedding Shoes


These were my wedding shoes! I am so proud of them since I made them. I bought some sling-back heels (no brand in particular), bought stones and jewelry from various places, and got craft glue from home depot. Not all the jewelry used was bought. Some of the pieces belonged to my aunt, who died young, and was still a part of the big day. It took weeks for me to break down jewelry and design the placement on the heels. The time was so worth it! They turned out beautifully and I received so many compliments. It was so nice to have something one-of-a-kind on a special day like that. I enjoyed making them, so if you are interested in some shoes like this or have questions on how to make your own, just let me know!

Threw Some Z’s On That Name

Sorry I kind of checked out for the past month! I just got married on April 12, and was in wedding planning overload for the past month or so. I’m back now, and have a few pictures to share from the occasion. Of course, there will be tons later, but here are just a few. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

We had our rehearsal dinner at Maggiano’s, and it was spectacular. We rented out the upstairs including the balcony. We dined on crab cakes, zucchini frites, filets, chicken saltimbocca, shrimp and crab cannelloni, spaghetti, various salads, and an entire dessert table with 7 different desserts. The cocktails and wine were freely flowing as well. It really was a wonderful start to an amazing weekend. I’m still so in love with my rehearsal dinner dress. I think that is partly because it is something I would normally never go for. I’m not really a monochromatic dresser. I LOVE COLOR. It’s just such a classic dress that commanded attention. The dress is made by Calvin Klein, and the back draped like the front, making it very stunning! I opted to wear my hair up to showcase the neck/back line, and I was wearing my hair down the next day.


I am so excited to start my new life at the back of the alphabet (my new last name starts with a Z). Everything went so well, and I appreciate everyone who helped make it possible, especially my parents. More details from the wedding to come, but I just wanted to post a little something and check back in to my blogging world!


Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring


It may technically be Spring, but the weather does not know it (some days). It takes me FOR-EV-ER to decide what to wear when the temperature outside is not warm but not cold. It’s at that awkward in between feeling where you are fanning yourself one minute and shivering the next. To help you decide what to wear on those days, listen to Nanette Lepore’s advice from the launching of The Collective at Bloomingdale’s New York. “Put on your pretty frilly dresses and work it out with the tights, and throw on the big sweater. Just start layering up into the looks that you want to eventually get into. I think you just want to start feeling , even if the weather isn’t cooperating. It’s gonna have to happen sooner or later, so you gotta just push it.” Don’t be afraid of fashion fusion! Now, bring on the warm weather so I can get ready faster!


Invitations sent….can’t back out now!


The time has finally come! We sent out our wedding invitations! After months of searching the internet for the right invitation, I found the perfect one on Invitations by Dawn. I wanted something simple yet eye-catching. Of course, I found some amazing ones, but I didn’t want the invites to outshine everything else. With my colors being seafoam, white, and peach, it also made it difficult to find invites with the exact colors. That is why I opted for a white one. The sparkle on the front is perfect and compliments all the chandelier pieces we are using in the decorations. Invitations by Dawn has a very thorough ordering process, making sure they cover every detail. They even emailed me regarding major details just to make sure everything would be perfect! As a bride, you come to appreciate people who are as detail-oriented as you are for this event. They had tons of fonts to choose from and verses galore. Pretty much everything is customizable, and they respond quickly to any inquiries. I must say one of my favorite add-ons was the option to have them address all the envelopes for you! Talk about a time/muscle saver! They shipped quickly, and all that was left to do was stuff the envelopes, stamp them, and mail. I would use them again for any event that needed bulk invitations or invitations that I couldn’t create on my own computer. If you have time, peruse their website!